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(Originally published on LensDiaries.com, non-nude photoblog post, click here!)

Nude Photo of Mari at Virgin Islands Photography Workshop

Mari strikes a pose at the boat house ruins during the Virgin Islands photography workshop

I just returned from hosting two, back-to-back, weeklong, successful Virgin Islands photography workshops—it’s our seventh year doing photography workshops in the “VI.” Besides the necessary photography gear I bring for my attending photographers to use, like Hensel portable lighting and California Sunbounce reflectors, I took my Canon 5D Mark II, my Hoodman “RAW” digital cards and my Canon 85mm F/1.2L USM lens, that’s it!  Just one lens! A prime lens (fixed focal length), not a zoom!

Now it’s easy to say that I only took one camera lens so I could force myself to see the world in one perspective, and while this “one lens photographer” technique will force that, the real story might surprise many of you that take the time to read my blogs and books.
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  1. I gave up my 85mm prime Canon lens last year, and now Rolando has me re-thinking this :-(

    To force my creativity, I recently shot an event with my 24-70mm out at 70mm except for a very few shots. I had found that the 85mm was just “too much” for close work, although now I miss the light weight and small size (my camera bag is cramped with the 24-70mm zoom).

    I did select this as my go-to lens after renting a couple different options and running some sharpness tests.

    Although my wife and I bought twin AE-1′s about a year after we were married, I don’t know that I’m ready to black-out my LCD screen as a test of confidence just yet.

    • Blacking out your LCD screen, is a recommendation for non-important photos, do it to test your skills with some fun photos that can be trashed if necessary. On your lenses, prime lenses have their advantages just like zoom lenses. Keep your 24-70 and use it when you need a wide shot, an 85mm is a medium telephoto lens. Also, I’m talking about “effective focal-length,” not with camera bodies that have a multiplication factor, such as 1.5X. I cannot stress that photographers need cameras that are one to one on the capture sensor to get the most out of their lenses.

  2. Instructor Rolando he recibido grandes enseñanzas a traves de sus post, y me adhiero a los comentarios.
    Tan solo permitaseme el atrevimiento de visualizar el descubrimiento traves de las diferentes distancias focales de sensaciones diferentes y espacios abiertos o cerrados. esto es necesario en el aprendizaje creo yo
    de la fotografía.es descubrir el entorno.

    • Rafael, Thanks and hope to see you in the Virgin Islands again soon!

  3. Mr. Rolando, you’re very skillful… :D
    Do you have some articles about wedding photo?
    please share me some, because my job is around wedding photography..

  4. As someone who has a great deal of high end canon gear, I was pretty set for the longest time on my fullframe canon body and 85mm F/1.2L II – but a friend introduced me to the new micro 4/3 system. I have had some excellent results from some of the new panasonic bodies and some lenses like the olympus 45mm and 75 mm – the great thing is the small size of the m43 system, compatibility between different manufacturers, and the relatively low cost of the lenses and gear.

    • Thanks for your feedback!

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Then there were those like Helumut Newton, who were catapult into more fame for their nude photography than their commercial or fashion magazine photography. It’s been said that Simon de Pury, the head of the New York/London auction house Phillips de Pury & Company, while having a discussion with Helmut Newton about the then upcoming inaugural show for his Zurich gallery, asked Newton, “…What else do you have?” Newton replied, “My landscapes, but nobody wants to see those.”

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