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It Isn’t Always About Your Photographic Skills

Great photographers produce images with great impact, often with attention grabbing moods that originated from real life experiences of the model or the photographer and sometimes both. These moods in a photograph are often a combination of the subject’s actual feelings at the time of capture, the photographic passion felt and the photographer’s own life’s experiences.

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Life's own experiences can help create moods, as in this photo of Eleya.

Often, in my photography, it’s not uncommon for me to project my moods in the actual photograph I capture of my subject in combination with the scene, setting and the image capture technique. For example, if I’m having a bad day, or a moody day, like that of a relationship issue with my significant other, I might create that dark aura during the shoot through warm lighting, deep shadows, specific clothes selection for my subject, the actual pose in combination of the words I convey to my subject during direction of the shoot. It’s all of these actions or a combination of them that will trigger various looks from my subject and allow me to capture the “feel” of the photo.
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  1. Another great article, I can’t say I understand every bit of it, but looking for a “mood” in the image I can understand. In a military type shoot I would often anticipate a shot, or a look, and would hang around for hours on end letting people get used to me and the camera so they wouldnt react to it, and I could get some actual mood or emotion. Sometimes I would get it, sometimes I wouldn’t but it was always fun to try.

    • Thanks for your feedback, mood comes with time. ;)


  1. Mentors & Muses, Part 2, The Muse | Lens Diaries™ - [...] life—the viewer will notice that life as the muse, specifically her pose, her look, her mood (see Moody Nudes, ...

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Rolando Gomez Philosophy on Nude Photography
Editorial Nudes is not a website where you’ll find pornography, nor is this a website where models are underage, this is a website that showcases another genre of my art, though I want to clarify, nudity should never be a requirement for photography. Nudity is not for everyone, but for those that can appreciate the beauty of the human form and can handle it with maturity and common sense. I hope you’ll enjoy how I view nudity through my camera lens, often in a more editorial format. Read more about my philosophy on nude photography here.

Photographer Helmut Newton Had It Right On Nude Photography
While many famous photographers are known for other genres of photography, such as fashion, commercial, landscape and photojournalism photography, almost all have shot a nude photograph at some point in their careers. Whether it was fashion nude, editorial nude, Playboy nude, fine-art nude, implied nude, or some form of nude photography, some photographer captured a nude photo somewhere.

Then there were those like Helumut Newton, who were catapult into more fame for their nude photography than their commercial or fashion magazine photography. It’s been said that Simon de Pury, the head of the New York/London auction house Phillips de Pury & Company, while having a discussion with Helmut Newton about the then upcoming inaugural show for his Zurich gallery, asked Newton, “…What else do you have?” Newton replied, “My landscapes, but nobody wants to see those.”

Newton was correct and soon “Sex and Landscapes” was conceived for that inaugural show in 2001. While undoubtedly the late Newton has help put the “PC” in nude photography over the years, it’s not that nude photography is so bad in our private conscious, it’s the difficulty of the use of the word in our vocabulary and the use of nude images in our visual arts—like a fear, our own society is the guilty culprit and it’s time for us to “grow up” and accept the beauty nude photography brings, especially when captured correctly.

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