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This past week I was in Las Vegas, no, not to live the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” party life, but to attend the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) convention. Though I was asked earlier in the year to speak at this annual gathering of photographers, I regrettably passed, as I was not sure I could attend with my schedule, though I think I’ll jump on it for 2012, especially since it allows me to see old friends and meet knew friends too.  Speaking of friends, I decided to spend a couple of extra days after WPPI to photograph two of my local models.

Nude Photo, Model Jolene, Hotel Room

Use specular lighting in hotel room nude photography shoots, this creates surreal or dramatic effects.

Well, like most planned model shoots, Murphy will strike, and it struck on Thursday’s shoot, but lucky for everyone, Friday’s model, Jolene, was dead-on-time and had a few hours to spare for our photography shoot.  She’s modeled for my workshops in Las Vegas and the Virgin Islands, but took some time off to give birth to her new baby daughter, so she was ready too shoot again.
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  1. Excellent tips, Rolando! This is what having a vision and knowing what to do with the equipment you have can create. Beautifully shot.

    As a side note, I too have used an ironing board for this, I really wish they were more sturdy though, for obvious reasons.

    • Juan,

      Thanks for the nice words! Next time I’m using a heavy duty ironing board ;) And I am going to recreate this shot! Thanks!

  2. Hey R,
    Is this the same set up that we used to shoot Candice on the pool table at the OBX workshop? You know, the 8-ball shot??

    • Shawn, it’s similar, guess I’ll show it to you at the next Outer Banks workshop since you’ve signed up again! Talk soon my friend.

  3. Some wonderful lighting on these shots.

    On 6614, the light on Jolene’s face is great, as is \the darkness.\

    With an 85mm, I suspect the overall room shot was not with your primary camera, even though you appear to be on the balcony ;-)

    The ironing board shot I never would have attempted… so know someone can write a \how to\ blog on beefing up an ironing board to make it safe… (and again, good light).

    And finally, the crisp white of the sheets (i.e. white balance) is very pleasing.

    • Duane, thanks, yes, next time, a heavier ironing board, was fun though. Thanks!

  4. One of the things I really enjoy about your photography is how you’re a wizard with light. The depth, dimension, and mood you create is something I’m trying to achieve. Thank for the inspiration!

    • Thank you for nice comments Erik! See you soon in Maryland.

  5. I am an amateur photographer who is still building my Glamour portfolio, what tips do you have for communicating to modeling agencies that I am serious and professional even though location of shoot will be in a hotel room?

    • Being serious and professional by shooting in hotel rooms will not come across in that fashion with agencies or experienced models, in fact, it can send a red flag. I don’t recommend you start out that way if you’re an amateur as you mentioned–start by renting a studio or location, other than a hotel room first. Look at my first two photography books for more information, you can find them on Amazon.com or click the Amazon.com links found here on the sidebar. Thanks, Rolando

  6. Hi Rolando

    Its been a long time since the VI Workshops. I miss the islands and the models.

    So, I’m catching up on my reading and found this post. Some great information, as usual, especially since I am shooting more in hotels now that I live in Thailand. Studio space is hard to come by here but there are some great hotels at very reasonable rates here. The note on using specular light is good. I’ll give it a try. I have been using a very small soft box to soften the light a bit.

    If you are ever in Bangkok and need a beautiful place to shoot, I recommend the Shanghai Mansion in Bangkok’s Chinatown. This image was shot there. (http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/22363939) The place is done in a very colorful Chinese motif and the suites have plenty of room.

    Keep up the good work.

    David (formerly from Austin)

    • David,

      Yes, it’s been a while. We missed you in the past VI photography workshops! Hope to see you soon, and I might be in Thailand toward the fall of 2012. Stay in touch. All the best my friend, rg.

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